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Performing 3 paintings by 3 female artists at the National Gallery

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Rachel Ruysch

Concept/Performance: Sonia Roshal

In a collection of over 2,300 paintings spanning the 13th to early 20th century, there are  21 paintings by women at the National Gallery. I've performed the only 3 paintings by 3 female artists that were on display that day.

Rachel Ruysch

"Hugely successful, Rachel Ruysch’s paintings often sold for more in her lifetime than Rembrandt’s did in his"

Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun

"At 15 she was painting the aristocracy, in her 20s she was the favoured painter of Marie-Antoinette, and by her 30s she was fleeing the French Revolution."

Catharina van Hemessen

"Was a Flemish Renaissance painter. She is the earliest female Flemish painter for whom there is verifiable extant work. She is mainly known for a series of small scale female portraits completed between the late 1540s and early 1550s and a few religious compositions".

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