Engines & Feathers

White Space Gallery is delighted to present Engines & Feathers, a series of dance-based performances by Russian born artist Sonia Roshal.


Her green is embroidered into an image:  Heals, feathers, stitches. Engines, boots, spit. A twisted carnival towards inner liberation. From history, stereotypes and passionate rants, from misheard words and the patriarchal maze. An innocent game. An homage. A macabre self-flagellation. A rebellion. A dance. Three characters in a simulacrum world, and “the simulacrum is true”.

A series of performances by female artist Sonia Roshal are taking place amongst art works by five female artists, in Women at Work: Subverting the Feminine in Post-Soviet Russia, the current exhibition at White Space Gallery, Cultural Dialogue.

Spectators are welcome to enter and leave the gallery space at anytime within the four hours of performances. There’s no obligation to watch the artist’s performing female body continuously for the whole four hours.

Directed and Performed by Sonia Roshal. Music: Re-streaming of Resonance FM radio; 2nd Movement from Symphony No. 7 in A-majorby Ludwig van Beethoven and Butt Lift Workoutfor Beginners, by Sanela Osmanovic.