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In the Tropic of Cancer


Idea/Artistic Director and an Amazon: Sima Vassilieva

Director/Choreographer/Performer: Sonia Roshal

Costume Designer: Yuliya Krylova

Composer: Manuel Torres Arias

Project Adviser and an Amazon:  Celeste Dandeker-Arnold

Speaker/Writer and an Amazon: Lyudmila Ulitskaya

Performers: Cécile Bally, Serenella Martufi, Francesco Moraca, Sonia Roshal

Amazons in the Tropic of Cancer is a multidisciplinary performance exploring the theme of illness and how it impacts on the human body, mind and spirit.

The concept arose from the acutely personal experiences of creative director and visual artist, Sima Vassilieva, during her own fight with breast cancer. Sima saw herself as an Amazon warrior, one breast removed, firing arrows at multiplying cancer cells from her bow. This mythical image, symbolic of women’s bravery, stoicism and steadfastness in battle, prompted Sima to seek out other Amazons to help her create an inspirational theatrical performance.

Together with Sonia Roshal, Yuliya Krylova, Celeste Dandeker-Arnold and Lyudmila Ulitskaya the project has grown and evolved to encompass the physical, psychological and spiritual effects of illness as a whole. The performance is divided into three acts, each one embracing a narrative that weaves visual art, costume, choreography and music into a rich fabric of personal experience. Through all these elements we have created a fully immersive multimedia experience.

We believe that art plays a cathartic role in every human experience. With this performance, we hope to reach out to all our fellow Amazons as they face life’s battles, but especially those on the battlefield of cancer.

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