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Riot at the Border

Direction/Choreography: Sonia Roshal in collaboration with performers.


Performers: Eszter Goncz, Yolanda Victoria, Giselle Nirenberg, Marlena Baranik, Petra Serhal, Noelia Tajes, Sofia Fedorova.

Guest star: Miss Englatina


Text: Erin Manning, Sofia Fedorova, Giselle Nirenberg.


Music: William Basinski


Why are we of this particular shape? 

Where do I begin and end? Where do I end and you begin?

Are those borders stable? 

What if the skin were not a container?

We consist of a shape and our existence is concluded by it, likewise everything in this world- objects and subjects

contain shapes that define them and separate them from the rest of it.

In Riot at the Border we explore the concept of the ‘bodily border’ or ‘boundary’, the

manner in which it is constructed and its properties and mission. Analysing what

these contours constitute within our body and psyche, and raising a number of

questions in relation to this constitution: Why are we confined among those

borders? What happens when the borders are disturbed or modified?

How much does my ‘form’ represent who I am? 

This performance aims to highlight the surface of the body as the meeting point of the world and the self.

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